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Magick Rising -- PJ Bishop Anthology

Magick Rising -- An Anthology -- Coming soon

Crime reporter and victim advocate Miko Jones is on the story that will move her into the journalistic big-time and hopefully attract the attention of her missing uncle, lost in PTSD psychosis and homeless camps. The Skid Row Butcher is murdering homeless deformed men, yet her editor orders her off the case. But Miko can’t give up when she might be able to make a difference, maybe save a life, perhaps provide justice to these men by discovering the identity of the killer after the police have moved on to higher priority cases.  

Hadrian Hawken has been in a solitary battle for his soul for years and isn’t about to be side-tracked this close to the finish by a young woman who’s innocent of the evil walking the world in human guise. Demons are flocking to Colorado Springs where The Gathering, the opening of the underworld into this one with the Demon Lord wreaking Hell, will occur.

Now Miko, descended from a Samurai magicker, becomes part of Hadrian’s fight against this evil, putting her life and his redemption at risk. 

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